Pretzel Buns

Pretzel buns are commonly seen eaten with brats or burgers, but one of my husband’s favorite lunches is a chicken sandwich on this specialty bun. After he told me that he liked pretzel buns, I started to buy them during my weekly shopping trips. However, after a while, this started getting spendy. The grocery storeContinue reading “Pretzel Buns”

Guacamole with a Zip

Sometimes I think that snack foods and appetizers are the best of all the food courses, and among all the many options in this food category, guacamole consistently comes out on top. Maybe it’s because it can be eaten with a little less guilt. Avocados are notoriously known as a super healthy food, so theContinue reading “Guacamole with a Zip”

Chili Cheese Dog Pudgy Pies

For a person that lives in Northern Wisconsin, I’m not nearly as outdoorsy as I should be. I don’t camp, fish, hike, or hunt. While admitting to these things is a pretty big character flaw in this neck of the woods, the one outdoor activity that I thoroughly enjoy is sitting by a campfire. MoreContinue reading “Chili Cheese Dog Pudgy Pies”

Dill Pickle Chip Dip

This recipe takes me straight back to the tiny galley kitchen in the first apartment that my husband and I shared. We were still in college, and the only good things about the apartment were that it was near the walking trails and had a beautiful view of the Eau Claire River. Everything else wasContinue reading “Dill Pickle Chip Dip”