Cajun Chicken Andouille Pizza

Growing up, my parents used to take my sister and I to Chicago once per year. We would see the sites, and go shopping at stores that we didn’t have around us in Wisconsin, but best of all, we would get to try out new and unique restaurants. One year, we decided to try outContinue reading “Cajun Chicken Andouille Pizza”

Buffalo Parmesan Sauce

Best Used on Buffalo Chicken Pizza! Recipe Posted Below Buffalo flavored food is a trend that is ever growing, and it is one that I have bought into whole-heartedly. I have loved buffalo wings ever since I was a child, and I will continue to be tempted every time I see a new buffalo recipeContinue reading “Buffalo Parmesan Sauce”

Italian Sausage Pieces

One of the most popular pizzas is a meat pizza with both pepperoni and sausage. While sliced pepperoni is commonly found in groceries stores, the sausage is a little more difficult. However, there is a reason for this – sausage on pizza is best when you are making it fresh. Luckily, this is super easyContinue reading “Italian Sausage Pieces”

Fructose Friendly Marinara Sauce

When most people think of a tomato they automatically label it as a healthy food, and for the most part, they would be right. However, there is one flaw when it comes to tomatoes and tomato products sold in the store – sugar. For a person with fructose intolerance this is not just a problem,Continue reading “Fructose Friendly Marinara Sauce”

Homemade Garlic Pizza Crust

This summer, one of my goals was to figure out how to make pizza completely from scratch. Pizza has always been a staple in my husband’s family. When we were dating his family would have a regular Friday night pizza tradition for dinner. Since I usually was hanging out with him on the weekends itContinue reading “Homemade Garlic Pizza Crust”