Garlicky Grilled Shrimp

I can remember the first time I ever tried shellfish. My grandma always bought the holiday platters with shrimp and cocktail sauce to serve at our family gathering on Christmas Eve. In my childhood curiosity I wanted to try one so badly, but I was nervous because my dad was allergic to all forms ofContinue reading “Garlicky Grilled Shrimp”

Chipotle Lime Surf and Turf

I love a good steak dinner, but I’ve only recently begun to branch out from the typical steak and potatoes combo. My recent vacation to Mexico opened my eyes to the numerous different flavor combinations that can be used to enhance a tenderloin though. For example, our first night there we had a tenderloin thatContinue reading “Chipotle Lime Surf and Turf”

Grilled Crappie

As summer approaches, I’m ready to start utilizing my grill again. There’s nothing quite like grilling on a nice, warm, sunny day, and my goal for this summer is to focus on fish and seafood. I truly am trying to eat lighter and healthier this year, and I know that fish and seafood have aContinue reading “Grilled Crappie”

Parmesan Garlic Oysters – Shucked and Grilled

Within the last year, one of the greatest foods that I have tried for the first time is oysters. Let’s face it, one of the unfortunate aspects of living in the Midwest is a lack of seafood in the area. Although, occasionally fancier restaurants will have oysters on the menu. I had always wanted toContinue reading “Parmesan Garlic Oysters – Shucked and Grilled”

Baked Bluegill

It’s summer, and people are out fishing on the lake like crazy. This means the ever popular Friday Night Fish Fry is more popular than ever. I love a good fish fry, but occasionally I aim towards the healthier side of life. This means the fish should be baked instead. However, the problem with bakingContinue reading “Baked Bluegill”