Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Veggies

Chicken Parmesan is a dish that is usually served over pasta, and I have tried this chicken baked with pasta and marinara sauce instead of veggies; however, lately I have been trying to eat healthier and have less carbs, so the last time I made it, I decided to roast some veggies instead. After eating this healthier option, Cole and I decided we preferred the recipe served with green beans and mushrooms, but if you aren’t a vegetable lover, you could definitely cook up some pasta, mix it with sauce, and use that as the base of your 13×9 pan instead.


32 oz Green Beans – Fresh

8 oz Whole White Mushrooms

Olive Oil

Garlic Salt

Lemon Pepper

1 lb Chicken Breast

1 Large Egg

½ cup Flour

¼ cup Panko Bread Crumbs

½ cup Parmesan Cheese

1 tsp Dried Basil

2 tsp Dried Parsley

¾ tsp Garlic Powder


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 

2. Place the green beans and mushrooms in a 13×9 inch baking dish. Wait to coat with olive oil until right before the dish is put into the oven, otherwise the oil will soak into the mushrooms. Lightly sprinkle with lemon pepper and garlic salt. Roast the veggies for 25 minutes. 

3. Cut the chicken breasts into 1 inch wide strips (lengthwise). 

4. Set up a dredging station by cracking the egg into one dish and whisking it. Use a second dish to mix the flour, panko, parmesan, basil, parsley, and garlic powder together. 

5. Coat the chicken strips in the egg, then cover them with the flour mixture. 

6. Pour olive oil into a large frying pan until the bottom of it is completely coated. Heat on a medium to hot temperature. 

7. Sear the chicken for 1 ½ minutes on each side until they are golden brown, then place on a paper towel lined plate. 

8. Once the timer goes off for the veggies, place the chicken strips on top of the veggies and cook for another 15 minutes.

This is a nice light meal, but it also has a slightly fancy feel. I think it makes a great date night meal if you want to have a date night at home. If you want to make this recipe feel even fancier, I recommend whipping up a batch of my Garlic White Wine Sauce to pour over the top. This sauce definitely adds an extra layer of flavor, and gives it a gourmet vibe.

Both the image above and below this text shows the finished recipe with the Garlic White Wine Sauce poured over the top.

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