Cajun Mayo – Add Some Spice to Your Sandwiches

Cajun mayo is an extremely easy sandwich topper to make, and I created it as the result of not having a required ingredient for a different dish in my fridge one night. A dish that everyone in my family has always loved is Cajun Chicken Bites. What really makes the bites special is the spicy butter sauce that goes with them. Well, the first time that I decided to make Chicken Bites after moving out of my parents’ house I realized I didn’t have one of the required butter sauce ingredients while I was in the middle of cooking. Since I was already in the middle of breading the chicken in my dredging station, it was too late for me to run to the store and get the whipping cream that I was direly missing. I was forced to experiment. 

The butter sauce was supposed to have butter, whipping cream, and hot sauce in it. Since I am not a fan of milk, and I had yet to take up baking, the only milk we had in our house was my husband’s favorite kind – chocolate milk. That definitely wasn’t going to work as a substitute for cream. As I frantically searched through my fridge, I was starting to think that my chicken bites would have to go without dipping sauce. But then I saw it – that beautiful jar of mayo. It was as if my brain was mechanically flipping through every restaurant menu I had ever seen – yep, chicken sandwiches had mayo on them all the time, so this would definitely work.

With that thought process complete, the creating began, and I ended up making something that I liked even more than the butter sauce. The best part of this was that the butter sauce was always pretty thin and only worked as a dipping sauce, but my new mayo invention was entirely spreadable. It is now my go-to topping for any burgers, including both turkey and regular hamburgers. Although, I think my favorite way to use this sauce is on a BLT. Something about the bacon mingling with the spiciness of the sauce provides the perfect combination of flavors. 


¼ cup Light Mayo

¼ tsp Hot Sauce (My favorite is Crystal’s Hot Sauce pictured above.)

½ tsp Cajun Seasoning


Once all three ingredients are measured out, the process of making the mayo is super easy: Simply pour all three components into a small bowl and stir them together. I like to put the mayo back in the fridge to cool and let the flavors seep together for at least half an hour before serving, but it can be served right away and still be a delicious condiment if you are running short on time.

I have never tried my Cajun mayo on anything except warm sandwiches and as a sauce to dip chicken into, but I’m positive that it would taste great on cold sandwiches too. If you like a little spice in your lunch I highly recommend trying this recipe out!

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